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My Love affair with hair, started when I was a little girl. I used to play "Hair-dresser" with Ann, a sort of plain, but extremely nice lady who lived next door. Ann let me do anything to her hair and face. While I worked she would read beauty magazines out loud. Every weekend I would take my glam kit (old donated makeup and hair styling tools I got from who knows where) and I would meet Ann at her kitchen table for our "beauty time"  I'll never forget how Ann would change, just a little, on those days. She walked with more confidence, She smiled more and laughed louder. I especially loved to watch the way she would admire herself in any surface that showed her reflection, She said she couldn't stop looking at herself because she felt so beautiful..... I had discovered my passion. All I wanted to do was make women everywhere feel like that.  

25 years later I am a bicoastal artist salon owner, and educator. I have helped women find their self confidence, flaunt their swag, and fall in love their inner beauty by refining and enhancing their outer beauty. I live in Beautiful Southern California, 
I specialize in hair replacement and hair extensions. My aesthetic is natural Glam,
and, l absolutely love what what I do!!


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